"When you are in chronic pain you become more open to trying anything that will work.

I have tried physiotherapy, pain modulation, exercising in a pool. Then thing that has given me the most relief is acupuncture. I have gone for massages. This relief was very temporary. Acupuncture from John and Christina has settled down the shooting nerve from my hips to my knees. (It is the only thing that has helped)

After having a knee replacement surgery Acupuncture is the only thing that has calmed down my body from the pain. I will be a customer for life!"

-Elizabeth, New Westminster, BC

"Christina has treated me for over two years for digestive and overall wellness treatments.

Her passion and dedication to helping and healing others was clear from my initial appointment. I felt immediately at ease around her and the whole Asher family team was warm and welcoming.

Christina's kind and light-hearted approach is a joy to be around, and each time I leave I look forward to my next treatment."

-Claire, China

"I have been receiving acupuncture treatments at John Asher Acupuncture in New Westminster, BC for many years. The treatments are intended to slow the advance of a serious and deteriorating hereditary eye disease called retinitis pigmentosa. While the condition has continued to progress, the rate at which it is progressing is considerably slower than others with the same condition. Two members of my extended family who also have retinitis pigmentosa have completely lost their vision, while I continue to retain some. This is remarkable considering that there is no known cure or even any treatment to slow the progression.

Christina Williams has joined this office and has begun to to administer my treatments for my condition. She has the same friendly, caring, and gentle demeanor that John Asher has always portrayed. She is competent and professional, and administers the treatments in a way that sets one at ease and removes any apprehension. I appreciate how she has helped me and would gladly and sincerely recommend her to anyone who is wanting an acupuncture treatment."

— Len Wiebe, Langley, BC


"I came to see Christina because I was dealing with stress, anxiety and depression. My first session I was on the verge of a mental breakdown. Christina was very caring and compassionate. Her first treatment was very gentle but was tough to go through. My body was wound so tight that every needle was uncomfortable. I returned weekly and each week I felt improvement. I could feel the stress, negative thoughts and built up energy flow from my body with every needle. I also noticed the needles were less uncomfortable each week. By 5 weeks I felt like I was in control of my emotions again and I could breath. The transformation in my mind and body was astonishing."

— Jill, Vancouver, BC

"Forty years ago while prepping for our wedding my mother was asked in a non related situation to steady a 28 foot yacht while it was being moved. The boat lurched and fell about 6 inches crunching my mothers spine. She was rushed to hospital  where she was eventually told she would spend the rest of her life in bed and on both anti -inflammatory pills and pain killers. While nothing was broken she was diagnosed with permanent nerve damage. In those days, Acupuncture was not as readily available in Canada as it is today. Considered quackery it was illegal and very hard to find someone who would treat you. A friend of a friend told us about John Asher and we made contact with him. An appointment was set and my brother and I took my mother over to John's home late one evening. Since my mother could not walk, we crossed  our hands firemen style and carried her from the car to John's treatment area. At the end of the first treatment my mother walked out on her own strength, something she had not done since the accident some weeks before. After a small number of subsequent treatments my mother never again had back issues and remained mobile till very recently, now in her late 80's and suffering with dementia. 

As a young man of 21 I never forgot this amazing incident and determined that should I ever get ill I would seek out John Asher for myself. Now after 40 years I have gone to John many times for many issues and received relief for all manor of annoyances that have come upon me. 

It's a delight that John and his wife have been joined by their daughter, Christina, who like John is warm, friendly and a gifted Acupuncturist. Each member of the team is delightful, easy to talk with and dedicated to resolving their clients issues." 

-Philip, Surrey, BC


More Testimonials Coming Soon!