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Your First Visit

What to expect on your first visit Here is a quick walk through of a first visit to our family's clinic. 1. Intake Form 2. Discussion 3. Pulse taking (Chinese Style) 4. Ear Diagnosis 5. Pins in the front of the body, apply moxa and time to relax or chat. Remove pins. 6. Pins on…
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After Treatment

Guidelines to Maximize the Benefits after Acupuncture Avoid exercise for 3 hours after a treatment, if possible relax the rest of the day. Not necessarily do nothing on a couch (unless you want to, we won't tell!) Simply try not to over exert yourself physically to further maximize benefits and give your body a chance…
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Extended Benefits

Extended Benefits For all extended benefits questions please contact your specific provider and see if acupuncture is covered to begin with. Also it is advantageous to ask if you need a acupuncture referral from a Medical Doctor, some require this, some do not. We are licensed BC practitioners from the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine…
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