After Treatment

Guidelines to Maximize the Benefits after Acupuncture

Avoid exercise for 3 hours after a treatment, if possible relax the rest of the day. Not necessarily do nothing on a couch (unless you want to, we won't tell!) Simply try not to over exert yourself physically to further maximize benefits and give your body a chance to react to the treatment even more.

Drink plenty of water as your body goes into natural detox state post-treatment.

Notice how you feel after and the days following to discuss with your practitioner, be in your body and listen if possible.

Avoid hot Baths and showers, hot tubs, and any other form of hydrotherapy for the rest of the day. The reason behind this is that Acupuncture selectively stimulates energies and nerves in your body sending messages to your brain which your brain will respond too bringing a balance to those energies. When taking hydrotherapy of any kind this stimulates ALL of the nerves rather than selective ones the treatment was targeting. For example while in a hot bath, the body says this feels nice and can neutralize some of the effects of our specific treatment by relaxing all of the nerves and energies.

Avoid alcohol directly prior and after treatment if possible. Please ask us if you have and questions.

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