Gladly and sincerely recommend

"I have been receiving acupuncture treatments at John Asher Acupuncture in New Westminster, BC for many years. The treatments are intended to slow the advance of a serious and deteriorating hereditary eye disease called retinitis pigmentosa. While the condition has continued to progress, the rate at which it is progressing is considerably slower than others with the same condition. Two members of my extended family who also have retinitis pigmentosa have completely lost their vision, while I continue to retain some. This is remarkable considering that there is no known cure or even any treatment to slow the progression.

Christina Williams has joined this office and has begun to to administer my treatments for my condition. She has the same friendly, caring, and gentle demeanor that John Asher has always portrayed. She is competent and professional, and administers the treatments in a way that sets one at ease and removes any apprehension. I appreciate how she has helped me and would gladly and sincerely recommend her to anyone who is wanting an acupuncture treatment."

— Len Wiebe, Langley, BC

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